Hyundai plans to launch a luxury electric car

Hyundai plans to launch a luxury electric car

Details of the new luxury electric car at the moment of course missing. New but anyway it will not be easy, electric vehicles is going to almost all premium carmaker – and of course the traditional ones such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

Genesis but besides electricity Also of conventional fuel, such as diesel. At present, being in their models offer only petrol engines, which she would have in Europe could backfire. Therefore, we are talking about the offer four-cylinder turbo diesel with a volume of about two liters.

I believe that fully electric vehicles will become the future of the automotive industry, “said Fitzgerald, who is in charge of strategy for luxury brands Genesis. The automaker establishing a separate brand Genesis informed at the beginning of last November. The company hopes that the brand will help increase profits and strengthen its position in the rapidly growing market for luxury automobiles.

Busan Motor Show, Hyundai unveiled G80 gasoline car, which is the second model under the brand Genesis after the car G90, reported Reuters. Hyundai is the largest automaker in South Korea, along with its sister company Kia form the fifth largest car manufacturer in the world.

Hyundai plans to launch a luxury electric car

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