Hyundai Kona’s original design revealed

Hyundai Kona's original design revealed 2

The maneuver is now well known: manufacturers are gradually distilling photos of details of a future model as well as targeted information in a dropper. Recently, for example, the grille and headlights of Hyundai’s future compact SUV were unveiled. The Korean giant specified, in the stride, that this future small urban trafficker would be well proposed with an all-wheel drive.

This is a less original element, because it is now widely used in automobile production, and the roof adopts a contrasting color. It is hoped that Hyundai’s aesthetic stroke will end up in the cabin.

As announced, the Kona thus boasts a modern style with a front unprecedented Hyundai. With its cascade grille and particularly slim LED daytime running lights placed just above the spotlights, the urban SUV does not make in the half-size question design. Surprising, it has the merit of being atypical. We like or hate, a bit like a Nissan Juke, one of its main competitors.

Named after a district in Hawaii, the Kona has to allow Hyundai to become the first Asian brand on the European market by 2021.

Hyundai Kona's original design revealed 2

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