Hyundai Ioniq EV could get 320km range


The Ioniq hybrid is going to have a team mate by way of the all-electric version and this is going to offer up a range of 124 miles. A plug-in hybrid is also making its way out in 2017 and both vehicles will have the Kappa 1.6 litre direct injected four cylinder engine. This is going to offer 104 horses and 109 of torque.

However unlike Toyota’s conservative strategy with its Toyota Prius hybrid – which remains a conventional petrol-electric model with no plug-in capability in Australia – Hyundai has the plug-in hybrid at the top of its Ioniq wishlist. The only thing holding that plan back is the longer lead time on that model, with production still yet to start on the PHEV.

Buyers who need to travel beyond the EV’s full-charge range can opt for DC fast-charging capability that recharges the battery at up to 100 kW via SAE CCS connectors. That’s twice the power of every other EV save for the Tesla Model S, which charges at up to 120 kW using Tesla’s Supercharger network.

Hyundai acknowledged Toyota’s decades of work and millions of hybrids sold to make it the number one manufacturer of green vehicles, but the number two spot is up for grabs and the South Korean automaker aims to grab it.


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