Hyundai i30N T.Neuville tests it in Sweden

Hyundai i30 N in test with Thierry Neuville

This is the passing of any vehicle in development. The future i30N, the high-performance version of the new i30, went to test in extreme winter conditions, -30 ° C. And it is Thierry Neuville, one of the Hyundai drivers in the World Rally Championship WRC, who took the sportsman to Sweden, on the frozen lake of Arjeplog, a few kilometers from the Arctic Circle.

The Hyundai i30 N does not reveal details, but the manufacturer takes the opportunity to confirm the launch “in the second half of 2017” and will be followed by other models with a sporting vocation, such as the future second generation of Veloster and why not a Edition of the i20 inheriting genes from its WRC version. With a power of about 265 horsepower, the i30 N will compete with the Volkswagen Golf GTI, Renault Mégane RS or Peugeot 308 GTi.

Alexander Eichler, director of testing and development of high-performance models at the Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center, explained the objective of i 30 N in these terms: “The main objective for us is to ensure exceptional driving pleasure. Challenging the shape of a chicane, the “N” logo bears witness to this desire – this is an agile vehicle that is the most rewarding to drive. “

Hyundai i30 N in test with Thierry Neuville

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