Hyundai i30 N prototype

Hyundai i30 N prototype

While the figures aren’t yet final, they give a decent indication of what Hyundai has in store for its new performance engine, with 375Nm indicated early in the video and a peak power figure of 263.9PS (194kW) flashed on screen further on.

To put the new engine to the test, Hyundai will run a development mule of the i30 N at this year’s Nurburgring 24 hour race – giving the high-performance engine a very public debut.

So how different will the i30 N be to a standard car? Quite a bit, if you look at the title photo. Still, a nice body is one thing and it doesn’t mean to say there’s any depth to the vehicle. Hyundai say that “around 40% of the development i30 2.0L Turbo N is new with its newly-developed engine, plus enhanced transmission, suspension, dampers”.

According to Hyundai, around 40 per cent of the development car is new. Along with a brand-new engine, the transmission, suspension, dampers and wheels have all benefited from upgrades. Wider front and rear fenders have also been attached for this track-focussed version.

Hyundai announced its plans to develop a new high-performance ‘N’ brand at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. It has since regularly participated in various races to experiment and further upgrade its technology and performance.

i30 N development car tackle Nürburgring

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