The Hyundai i30 gets a break in Geneva

The Hyundai i30 gets a break in Geneva

It must be confessed: the i30 break is not the most widespread model of the segment on our roads. But Hyundai does not intend to remove this bodywork and is even about to offer a new generation in March at the Geneva Motor Show. The Korean manufacturer unveils today the first teaser.

In this declination, the Hyundai i30 stretches 24 centimeters to reach 4.58 meters in length. With a wheelbase identical to that of the five-door version, it is mainly the volume of the trunk that takes advantage of this elongation. It also offers one of the largest volumes of the segment and just a few liters the same as that of the VW Golf break. Seats folded, the volume climbs up to 1,650 liters.

The new i30 break wins 10 cm in length compared to the previous generation to display a length at 4.58 meters. This gain in length allows it to gain in volume of trunk, indeed the latter displays a capacity of 602 liters in normal configuration and 1650 liters, folded seats.

The wagon recovers the technologies and equipment of the sedan with the recognition of the signs, the adaptive regulator, the detector of blind spots or the detection of fatigue. Even if we do not have the details of the finishes, we imagine that the range of the station wagon will be copied to that of the sedan which means that there should be a lot of standard equipment from the first level.

The Hyundai i30 gets a break in Geneva 1

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