Hyundai Finally Confirms The Santa Cruz Small Truck

Hyundai Finally Confirms The Santa Cruz Small Truck

Yesterday, much of the country came together in awe to witness a cosmic phenomenon. Today, we can come together once more and bask in the most glorious small-truck news in recent memory: the Hyundai Santa Cruz is for sure coming to the U.S. market!

But sales have slipped over the last two years, in part due to Hyundai’s traditional dependence on passenger cars, rather than the pickups and SUVs that now account for nearly two-thirds of the American new vehicle market. Its two utes, the Santa Fe and Tucson, have continued to build momentum.

Hyundai Motor America has reiterated plans to introduce its first pickup model in the United States. This includes a new Santa Fe Sport, a larger seven-passenger crossover to replace the current Santa Fe in 2019 and a new Tucson by 2020. Right now the midsize Santa Fe is doing double-duty with a limited third-row seat offering.

The solution is to keep pushing the Tucson, start deliveries on the Kona mini SUV before 2018, and begin development of a pickup truck based on the Santa Cruz concept from 2015 (seen above). Hyundai is also rumored to be planning on adding three additional sport utility vehicles or crossovers to its North American lineup by 2020 — helping it shore up waning sedan and hatchback sales.

Hyundai Finally Confirms The Santa Cruz Small Truck

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