Hyundai also praises Ioniq PHEV aggressively

With the Ioniq, Hyundai opens without blushing the attack on the established values. After hybrids face a pricing, the South Koreans do that again with the plug inversion. What kind of Ioniq PHEV should you charge?

A conventional power outlet lets you charge the battery in about 2 hours and 15 minutes. This version is especially interesting in terms of taxation because it has a CO2 emission of almost 26 grams per kilometer. Of course, driving is fully automated. The navigation system – as with the electric variant – indicates where your charging poles are located to recharge the battery. The basic version pays you 33,999 euros and is immediately cheaper than its main competitors like the Toyota Prius Plug-in. In addition, the Hyundai has a larger (pure electric) driving range.

The IONIQ Electric features an infotainment system, which we know of other Hyundai models. Two examples are the recently tested Tucson and i30. The system is clearly operational and supports DAB +. An analog audio connection was also thought, as well as a USB connection. We regard the lack of Bluetooth connectivity as a failure. This should be standard as far as we are concerned.

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