Hypercar is the Aston Martin and Red Bull

Hypercar is the Aston Martin and Red Bull

Aston Martin and Red Bull unveil their joint project, the hypercar AM RB-001 Product 150 copies max, it will not happen until 2018!

After weeks of rumors of all kinds, Aston Martin and Red Bull decided to unveil their joint project, their future hypercar called AM-001 Announced RB there are now a few months, here it is in the form of a first model, very close to the future model of “series”. But do not get carried away too much, it will still wait until 2018 to see it land on roads and circuits!

For the rest, which is still a prototype close to the final version has the appearance of an output speed demon straight out of a video game! Adrian Newey, famous engineer in Formula 1 (Williams, McLaren, Red Bull) has been there for design and aerodynamics of the craft and worked with Marek Reichman, the designer of the brand, to make this AM-001 RB terribly fierce. Appendices, side intakes, rear diffuser … Anything goes for this hypercar who wants to “make history” in the words of the boss of Aston Martin, Andy Palmer.

The synergy between Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin is clear. I knew that Red Bull Racing had the ability to manage aspects of pure performance, but the experience of Aston Martin GT to make a beautiful, fast and comfortable. I’m still convinced that the AM-001 RB should be a real road car that is also capable of extreme performance, and that means it must really have two characters “

The production of AM-001 RB begin in 2018. The volume will be between 99 and 150 units, including prototype development. 25 versions will be reserved for the competition. The price of this jewel of technology is still unknown. But it can be estimated at over a million Euros.

Hypercar is the Aston Martin and Red Bull 1

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