The hypercar AM-001 RB design

The hypercar AM-001 RB design

For the first time, Aston Martin made its range in a vehicle supercar! The AM-001 RB is the result of collaboration between Adrian Newey (Red Bull Racing technical director), David King (director of motorsport branch Aston) and Marek Reichman (Chief Design Aston Martin). The vehicle has been designed as a single-seater but will accommodate a second occupant. The ambition of the AM-001 RB is to provide a vehicle on the road, combining the capabilities of supercars.

For now, few technical details have filtered through the AM-001 RB, if not hide it in her womb an atmospheric V12 in a central position, the power has not been specified, but it would have a ratio of 1: 1 (1 hp per 1 kg). With a more aerodynamic design, the car also has a lightweight structure made of carbon fiber and is the work of none other Adrian Newey, technical director at Red Bull Racing.

While the version of the hypercar unveiled today has built for the road, the two entities have already announced work on another specification of the AM-001 RB, dedicated to the track. Currently in development, it will meet the certification standards of LMP1.

The commissioning of the AM-001 RB will be the factory of Aston Martin in Gaydon, totaling between 99 and 150 copies. The first delivery will not take place until 2018.

The hypercar AM-001 RB design 1

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