Hybrid Aston Martin Becoming Reality

Hybrid Aston Martin Becoming Reality

There had been speculation that Aston would lean on part-owner Mercedes-Benz for its chassis technology, but Palmer said Aston preferred to make use of its own expertise, albeit turning to Mercedes for some sub-systems and V8 power, as it will do with all of its nextgeneration vehicles.

It seems that the electric RapidE will be one of the first all-electric Aston Martin offerings. If Aston is intent on competing with the likes of Tesla and the Model S, this move makes a lot of sense.

Both the Valkyrie and electric Rapide will be limited models, but in 2019, Aston Martin will go more mainstream with the electric and hybrid versions of the DBX SUV. Aston Martin hasn’t revealed any details about its future hybrid powertrains, but Financial Times speculates that the hybrid powertrain will marry a V6 to an electric motor.

Aston Martin also plans to purchase and ship in electric cells from overseas, but maintains that it will make the packs and motors at home in the UK.

Hybrid Aston Martin Becoming Reality

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