HSV slams down 474kW GTSR W1

HSV slams down 474kW GTSR W1

Its aggressive body styling, carbon-fibre accents and outlandish performance – try 474kW and 815Nm – place the W1 in esteemed company, a fact set to remain unchallenged thanks to a build limitation of just 300 units … at $169,900 a pop!

At this stage HSV says it expects a 0-100km/h number better than 4.2sec and a 0-400m time of less than 12.1sec. In the hands of Warren Luff, the W1 lapped Winton Raceway in Victoria 4sec faster than the regular GTS, recording a lap time of 1:33.2.

Just 300 GTSR W1 sedans will be built for the Australian and New Zealand market, with pricing starting at approximately $130K. When production starts in April, HSV will also launch a special model using the GTSR name. This won’t be a limited edition model, and it will stick with the LSA supercharged 6.2-liter V-8 already used by HSV. Its output will be pegged at 583 hp.

And in case you were wondering, “GTSR” is a name used by HSV for a special model launched in 1996, while the “W” in the GTSR W1 name is meant to represent HSV’s parent, Walkinshaw Performance.

HSV slams down 474kW GTSR W1 1

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