Make no mistake, this is no stripes-and-decals money-spinner, and nor is it merely a fettled upgrade with a brag-worthy new badge. It’s the frigging duck’s guts, fulfilling every muscle-sedan fantasy anyone could have ever dreamed of.

HSV’s core business has been Commodore-based since its inception 30 years ago. Indeed, when the last VFII Commodore-based HSVs roll off the line later this year the lion’s share of the company’s total production of 90,000 cars will share that DNA.

Stylistically the MY17 30 Years range is differentiated by matte black accenting on the alloys, with Senator Signature models now featuring the previously optional 20-inch SV Rapier forged alloy wheel design.

Exactly what the W1 will be like on the actual road is anybody’s guess. But awesome is our suspicion. Oh yeah, it’ll be super-firm and the tyres will be crapola in the wet and it’ll drink ULP like crazy if you drive it properly. But you will be the absolute king of the road.

2017 HSV GTSR and GTSR

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