Honda will launch the new Civic 2017


If the new Honda Civic will arrive in the Americas this fall, it will appear in our country at the beginning of next year, hence the staggered introduction of the European version. Like its counterpart for North America, it will carry a 4 cylinder petrol 1.5 turbo of 182 hp.

But the Old Continent will have the privilege of otherwise sober two engines: a gasoline 3-cylinder 1.0 turbo of 129 hp and a 1.6 Diesel 120 hp. This is actually a revised version of the block that already animates the current Civic. Its great novelty will offer unprecedented speed automatic optional 9 reports. On petrol engines, the only alternative to the manual gearbox will remain the continuously variable transmission (CVT).

This new generation measuring 4.50m long, 1.80m wide and is 13cm wide and 3cm respectively over. The height in turn decreases 2cm measuring 1.42 cm. The wheelbase has also been extended from 3cm to reach 2.70m. The sedan Honda embarks on series of days and LED taillights. The back becomes very angular with new extractors reminiscent ahead and can receive a dual output Central exhaust.

In addition to the new Civic range, a limited edition Jazz “Spotlight Edition” will also be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show. This model is an evolution of Honda Jazz Keenlight concept that was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year.

Equipped with the most modern facilities, it relies on Apple and Android carplay Auto. With 4.50 m, the Civic promises a beautiful space for passengers and a trunk volume of 478 liters, or as much as some breaks! These only two engines that are only confirmed by Honda and beings are involved in choosing a manual six-speed gearbox or a CVT transmission simulating seven reports.


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