Honda September Maichen planned “step wagon” improved model

Honda makes "Step Wagon" a minor change

On July 3, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. preliminarily released information on “step wagon” and “step wagon spada”, which is scheduled to be a minor model change in late September, including addition of a hybrid model, on its website.

In this model change, we set up the step wagon spada with the 2-motor hybrid system “SPORT HYBRID (Sports Hybrid) i-MMD” installation specification and change the appearance to a more dynamic design.

Honda made preliminary public information on the “STEP WGN / STEP WGN SPADA (Step Wagon / Step Wagon Spada)” scheduled to be a minor model change in late September 2017 on the Honda website.

This model change is to change the appearance design of the step wagon Spada, 2-motor hybrid system “SPORT HYBRID (sport hybrid) i-MMD” to achieve both driving and environmental performance was set mounting specification. We will further enhance the function of advanced safety driving support system “Honda SENSING (Honda Sensing)” typed in both models.

The step wagon / step wagon spada released in April 2015 is a model equipped with direct injection 1.5L VTEC TURBO engine and functional space plus “exciting gate” and so on.

Honda makes "Step Wagon" a minor change

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