Honda NSX in three Pikes Peak

Honda NSX in three Pikes Peak

The NSX is hardly sold it already starts in the race. Acura, Honda’s sister brand in the US, will hire three copies of the new NSX in the Pikes Peak hill climb, which will take place on June 26 in Colorado.

A copy will be completely standard, the second is a light version of the model and the third is a fully electric prototype (with four motors) based on the NSX.

There are some days, Honda unveiled two hybrid NSX will participate this weekend to climb Pikes Peak. But the Japanese automaker had warned us: a third car 100% electric remained to be discovered. This has now been done and the result is particularly impressive. It must be said that, unlike the other two NSX, this battery-powered version has nothing to do with the already daunting series model. Behind all this paraphernalia aerodynamic recognized, however, the trapezoidal grille and the tapered design of the headlights of the Japanese supercar. The affiliation with the production model is less evident at the rear where the fires are far more compact in order to make room for two huge vents.

The detailed characteristics of this 100% electric NSX is still unknown. To recall, Honda promises a power at least four times that of the electric CR-Z engaged last year and announced to 137 hp. The NSX should theoretically develop at least 550 hp, all from four electric motors housed in the wheels. See you this Sunday, June 26 to find work.

Honda NSX in three Pikes Peak 1

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