Honda NSX GT3 revealed

Honda NSX GT3 revealed

However, while the race car ditches the electric motors and batteries that make up half of the Honda NSX’s hybrid system – it was done to allow the NSX GT3 to meet GT3 race regulations – the road version is likely to keep those systems.

“Won’t make news on that today, but I’d certainly love to see that happen,” said a clearly hopeful American Honda boss John Mendel. “The performance aspects of the NSX are incredible … it [a road car GT3] certainly would be a fun project.”

Honda says “initial development” of the NSX GT3 took place in Japan with the company’s racing arm testing the vehicle on circuits both locally and in Europe. The car will now enter an “additional development” stage including final homologation work to be done by Honda Performance Development (HPD) in California.

The car runs carbon fiber bodywork to save weight, as you’d expect, and has grown a number of aerodynamic appendages — some subtle, like the extended vents on the front fenders, and some less so, like the massive wing on the rear. It’s also lost all semblance of an interior, but has gained a lovely roll cage in exchange.

Development is ongoing ahead of a competitive debut in North America in 2017, while this autumn will see it undergo homologation as an FIA GT3 car. So we could see NSXs haring round circuits soon. What chance a return to Le Mans to follow in the footsteps of its ancestor?

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