Honda makes “Step Wagon” a minor change

Honda makes "Step Wagon" a minor change

In this minor change, in addition to the existing 1.5-liter direct injection turbo engine, a new 2-motor hybrid system “SPORT HYBRID (Sports Hybrid) i-MMD” was added to the power train. Honda SENSING (Honda Sensing) “as a driving support system is also planning to strengthen the function.

Regarding the exterior design, we are changing the step wagon spada to a more dynamic image, and we release one illustration that shows the grill and the design around the headlamp.

According to Honda, the model change at this time will change the appearance of the “Step Wagon Spada” to a more dynamic design, and a two-motor hybrid system “Sports Hybrid i-MMD ( Intelligent multi-mode drive) “on-board specifications. In addition, we are further enhancing the function of advanced safety driving support system “Honda sensing” which is set for both models.

Step Wgon / Step Wagon Spada is a minivan type passenger car. It is popular in the “exciting gate” which was released in April 2015, and the door behind opens both horizontally and vertically.

In this model change, the appearance of the step wagon spada is changed to a more dynamic design, and specifications mounted with the 2-motor hybrid system “SPORT HYBRID (sports hybrid) i-MMD” are set. In addition, the function of the safe driving support system “Honda SENSING (Honda sensing)” typed in both models is further enhanced.

Honda makes "Step Wagon" a minor change

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