Honda goes off-route with Waym


From BMW to Volvo, all manufacturers seek pole position in the race for the autonomous car, they point out that it is an unexplored territory: no one can predict with certainty which of these systems will guarantee a Driving on 100% safe highway.

The announcement also seems to confirm that Google is lowering its ambitions for autonomous vehicles. The giant has been developing systems for more than 8 years, but it’s becoming clear that he now wants to supply materials and software stamped Google builders instead of entering the automotive industry himself, where he would face competitors established since More than a century.

The objective of this partnership is to introduce advanced and reliable self-propelled driving technologies into the 2020-2021 model year cars.

Honda has already invested heavily in this area through its dedicated research and development center, located in Silicon Valley. It was created in July 2015 to accelerate the transformation of concepts into real products, functionalities and services. An automated highway driving system has already been created.


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