Honda Civic sees great

Honda Civic sees great

The North American market absorbing a much larger share for Honda, it is logically according to the preferences of the American customers that the specifications of the Civic has been established.

Hence a gauge markedly upward compared to the previous European 5-door model (4.37 m). In addition to the Civic 5-door (4.52 m), an even larger 4-door (4.60 m) will also be marketed in Europe, with the objective of seducing customers of previous generations of Accord sedan.

On the road, there is really nothing to say: the Civic of M. Tout-Le-Monde (as opposed to the Type R) are in fact machines always ready to chain the most severe turns with an efficiency of sportsman.

Effective but not sterile, because it also agrees to do a little walk back its train when it is provoked correctly. Optional adjustable suspensions really add something, as they make the car more lively in Sport mode, and the feel of this “NSX” direction is very precise and communicative, if not demonstrative.

Honda Civic sees great

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