Honda Civic it always grows well

Honda Civic it always grows well

After presenting its prototype at the Paris Motor Show in the autumn, Honda unveils in Geneva the series version of the most sporting Civic ever designed. Design, aerodynamics, engine and chassis sweep the last questions: the new Civic Type R has been well developed and refined on the track.

The basic architecture is that of the new Civic 5-door. To make it a Type R, the engineers and stylists of Honda have reworked all the data. The design has asserted itself and the aerodynamics optimized. The Type R will feature the latest Honda 2.0-liter VTEC TURBO petrol engine. As for the running gear, it was firmed and the brakes optimized.

On the road, the Civic shows two faces depending on the engine. The 182 hp offers brilliant performance well supported by intelligently stacked gear ratios. The CVT, thanks to its 7 reports, does not have the disadvantage of the throbbing noise of a conventional CVT. In addition, it has programs that recognize a cornering deceleration to maintain the rpm or down gear during heavy braking to benefit from the engine brake.

Enjoy an uncompromising handling. The 129 hp is obviously more peaceful and less greedy with different gear ratios. Driving is less captivating while maintaining impeccable driving behavior but the comfort is somewhat penalized by the noise of the 3 cylinders.

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