Honda Announces Sport EV Concept

Honda Announces Sport EV Concept

The manufacturer has decided to dig the same furrow as in Frankfurt with a second declension of the platform of the Urban EV Concept, in the form this time of a compact sports coupe logically called EV Sport Concept.

The Honda Sports EV concept will make its world premiere in Tokyo. This prototype with an electric motor, the manufacturer of which has only unveiled a teaser photo, will take the form of a sports car “attracting all eyes with a striking silhouette and flexible body parts”.

The first image shows a typical “fastback” profile with a roofline leaning towards the stern and square taillights that immediately recall what we saw a few days ago on the Honda stand in Frankfurt.

Like the Urban EV, EV Sports will be entitled to an artificial intelligence supposed to facilitate driving. Must we understand that the coupe will have an autopilot? Possible, but no doubt that aficionados will prefer to keep control of this electric sports car.

Honda also took advantage of the Frankfurt Motor Show to present the Power Manager, an energy storage solution, capable of powering some equipment in the home, including using electricity stored in the car’s batteries.

Honda Announces Sport EV Concept

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