Hennessey Ford F-150 Velociraptor 2017

Hennessey Ford F-150 Velociraptor 2017

You drooled in front of the new F-150 Raptor in the program Automoto of this Sunday 26 February? Know that its 450 horses are nothing compared to the ogre developed by Hennessey Performance, unveiling the new evolution of the sport pickup. Stronger than the F-150 pickup, more muscular than the Raptor, more powerful than the 2016 version of the Velociraptor, the new Hennessey Performance baby still comes to amaze us after the 6-wheel 6×6 version.

Based on the new Raptor, here is the new Velociraptor, which aligns 600 hp and 843 Nm. A result that does not pass exclusively through an electronic adjustment. The engine thus sees all the revised gas circulation: air intake, air / air exchanger, double turbo, exhaust. A preparation billed $ 12995. That’s a total price of $ 61,885 for the Raptor Extended Cab, and $ 64,840 for the Crew Cab.

This optional package adds a VelociRaptor bumper with five LED lights, ten-spoke Hennessey 20-inch wheels, 35-inch Toyo off-road tires, three-inch suspension adjustment and Place many logo on the body and in the truck’s interior.

For this “VelociRaptor Off-Road” package, an additional cost of $ 12,995 will be required.

Hennessey Ford F-150 Velociraptor 2017

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