Harley Davidson now has Roadster

Harley Davidson now has Roadster 1

It is reduced to the essentials, pardon, reduce and leans with its minimalism and a bit of the racing machines of the 1950s and 1960s years. Driven by the famous air-cooled 1.2 liter engine model rolled forward on a 19- inch, back on a 18-inch wheel.

The alloy wheels with ten double spokes have been designed specifically for the Roadster. Power is transmitted via a five-speed gearbox. The light-alloy wheels, the American company uses specially developed for the Roadster cast wheels with ten double spokes.

Your reduced appearance oriented loud Harley-Davidson also the classic racing machines of the brand from the 50s and 60s. The Roadster is offered in three solid colors and in a two-tone paint. The stepped seat with quilted upholstery promises in connection with straight handlebars and the centrally positioned footrests a dedicated seating position.

The 19 and 18-inch cast wheels sit with their ten double spokes on the appearance of wire wheels. Designer Ben McGinley calls it “the most elaborate Gusspeichenr├Ąder that we have ever designed.” Judging by their dimensions they are very light and contribute to the agile handling of the Harley-Davidson Roadster at.

Harley Davidson now has Roadster

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