Google Waymo is autonome halve transformer


Waymo, which is the name that Google released its self-driving car. Essentially a Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid with strange lumps and tumors, making it rather resembles a Pacifica halfway his Transformer transformation “without energy got stuck. All we need to you not of course tell you that here is the necessary rader- and camera gear.

In May this year, Google announced and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) a partnership. Google would be the hybrid version of the Pacifica, the Town & County successor, adding to its fleet of autonomous test vehicles. Google would decrease 100 copies of Chrysler. Meanwhile, Google has its work in the development of autonomous technology housed in a separate company, Waymo. Today let Waymo and Chrysler how the test vehicles look like.

General Motors announced last week that the state of Michigan has permission to test autonomous vehicles on public roads. The state, still the home of the US auto industry, do not want development shifts to California. Michigan in addition, has the advantage that there also can be tested in winter conditions.


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