Google learns honking his car

Google learns honking his car

This enables Google in its monthly report (pdf) on the development of autonomous cars.

The Google cars will include horns as meanders other road users from its lane or an unexpected car is driving out of a driveway.

To test the software autonomous horn, the sound previously only audible inside the car. After the occupants of Google’s self-driving cars decided that the software did the job well, it was decided to leave outside the car to hear the sound.

Each situation will differentiate into horn signals. For example, when a car slowly rolling backwards towards a Google car, there will be two short lighter hear tones. For more urgent cases, there is the lengthy, emphatic horn.

In a first test phase again sounded the horn just inside the car to not confuse other road users in erroneous estimates of the system. On the basis of the collected data will be adapted to the software.

Depending on the situation, there are different signals. As he drives slowly backwards as the Google car will emit just two short soft tones. In an emergency, there is a long, powerful horn.

Google learns honking his car

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