Golf GTI Original to line-up

Golf GTI Original to line-up

Dubbed the Golf GTI Original, the new addition has three doors rather than five and, costing $37,490 for the six-speed manual and $39,990 for the auto, knocks $4000 off the standard GTI’s price.

It’s the first tiem VW has offered the Golf GTI with three doors since the five-door -only Mark 7 version arrived in 2013, save for a limited of GTI Perfromance Edition 1s earlier this year.

Changes in the design gave the Golf R dynamism with even more charisma. This includes the gesture control for the infotainment system, newly designed bumpers, LED head and tail lights, safety features like the adaptive cruise control and autonomous emergency braking to name a few.

The designers’ interior touch of incorporating the R brand features is elegant. Where the GTI is known for the touch of red, the Golf R has its blue. The most spectacular of all is driving during night time. Then the active info display digital dashboard with its fine blue lighting is simply just beautiful. It complements the executive interior look.

Golf GTI Original to line-up

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