The glowing Aston Martin AM-RB 001

The glowing Aston Martin AM-RB 001

Joining the already impressive list of vehicles announced at the Toronto Auto Show this year is the Aston Martin concept car hypervoiture, the AM-RB 001. Presented by the CEO of the manufacturer, Andy Palmer, the AM-RB 001 was originally unveiled in England last summer, but this is the first time it appears in a car show. And it is in Canada that it happens.

The collaboration between Aston Martin and the Red Bull F1 team is said to be an “unprecedented fusion of form and function”, and will be designed to feel as comfortable on a track Than on public roads. At this time, the manufacturer has argued that the AM-RB 001 will be equipped with an atmospheric V12, mounted in the center. We do not know its displacement, but we know that the engine will be bolted to a whole new gearbox.

In addition to this sturdy cavalry, the Aston Martin AM RB 001 will carry many Formula 1 technologies. Batteries with brake energy recovery systems, carbon brake discs and carbon fiber monocoque will be So, installed on this promising hypercar. For its part, the reputed brand Ricardo will deal with the seven-speed gearbox. Other prestigious partners include Rimac (batteries), Multimatic, Surface Transforms and Bosch.

Aston Martin to Present AM-RB001

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