GLC Mercedes 43 AMG Coupé

GLC Mercedes 43 AMG Coupé

The firm at the star apparently has left no area of ​​freedom to its BMW competitor in the segment of SUV. After GLE coupe out there nearly a year, which reproduced the recipe genre pioneer X6, Mercedes today unveiled the GLC coupe. We can of course not really talk about that surprise rival X4, since the brand had already announced a concept last year.

Inside, the central part of the dashboard receives audio controls that reduce the number of buttons: 27 on the previous model and only 11 in 2017. A new version of 8-inch touch screen displays large icons which facilitate its use. A new command “R-Touch” on the center console also simplifies the use of features of the supercar. Finally, the pallets commander gearbox are now attached to the back of the steering wheel, also redesigned, making it easier gear changes without releasing the steering wheel.

With 4.73 m, the GLC Coupe is 6 cm longer (same goes for the wheelbase) than the X4 which itself is small 1 cm higher. This is again a tight game that looks and, like the GLE Coupe X6 compared to the GLC Coupe Will he also a slight advantage in terms of capacity? On paper at least, the trend does not seem to be confirmed as the trunk of the GLE Coupe is advertised at 491 liters against 500 liters for the X4. Anyway, Mercedes guarantee that the access height, space shoulders, elbows and legs are identical to conventional GLC.

The GLC Coupe 43 AMG is equipped with the latest 3.0 turbo 367 hp SLC and Class C. It is even almost as certain that a more brutal version of (GLC 63 AMG) will join in later, this time with the big 4.0 V8 biturbo AMG GT! A version that BMW may respond with an X4 M has the engine of the BMW M3, understood that the brand has already announced the expansion of its range M in the very near future.

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