Genesis think the PHEV

Genesis think the PHEV

The premium brand Hyundai plans to offer a range of hybrid engines on its recent and future models.

Genesis was born last December as upscale Hyundai brand. To date, it has in its ranks the limousine G90, G80 based on the old Hyundai Genesis sedan and the concept of “New York”.

In Autonews Dave Zuchowski, president of Hyundai Motor America announced that Genesis will soon offer models with a rechargeable hybrid drivetrain. The Korean luxury brand, in full deployment phase with G90 before the G80 and G70, so believes alternative energy in the premium segment. Unable for now to learn more, except that hybridization is only a first step. As Hyundai Genesis sees the future with hydrogen and fuel cells.

While its range will expand around the G70 in particular, Genesis intends to enrich plug-in hybrid versions. The information relayed by our colleagues from Automotive News is to the credit of Dave Zuchowski, president of Hyundai Motor America.

For now, Genesis did not specify the identity of the models affected by the introduction of future plug-in hybrid variants. According to Dave Zuchowski, the premium brand of Hyundai will then turn to the study of fuel cell vehicles.

Genesis think the PHEV

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