The future Porsche Cayenne 2017

The future Porsche Cayenne 2017

The third Cayenne of the name does not escape the rule as shown by these clichés. Porsche has gone to the desert of Dubai, Alaska, but also on track with the circuits of Nürburgring and Nardo in Italy.

Porsche announces that the Cayenne’s mechanics and chassis have been completely revised, as have the on-board display and controls. It is possible that the number of buttons is greatly reduced, as in the last Panamera.

A few days before its presentation, the Porsche Cayenne is put forward by the German manufacturer with a video showing its testing in different corners of the globe and under various climatic conditions, facing as well the sand of Dubai, the dusty tracks Of Death Valley (USA) snow and ice of Alaska as the bitumen circuits such as those of Hockenheimring and the Nürburgring-Nordschleife.

Porsche also intends to win new customers with this method, since this reduction in case of car replacement applies for any type of automobile, all brands combined. If you drive in Mercedes or Peugeot, this car is equipped with a Euro 1 to Euro 4 diesel engine and you want to acquire a brand new Porsche, maybe it’s time to take the plunge. The operation will last until 31 December.

The future Porsche Cayenne 2017

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