Future Nissan Leaf 550 km of autonomy

Future Nissan Leaf 550 km of autonomy

The next generation of Nissan Leaf should we arrive in 2018. This new model should be according to initial reports declined as a Tesla, that is to say, with several types of batteries that will determine each own autonomy. The top model and could offer up to 500 km range.

With such autonomy, the public may this time well to go electric for fear of out of fuel (or empty battery) is likely to disappear. A profile of this future car has been shown us by Nissan with the concept IDS at the last Tokyo Motor Show. This concept including sailed a 60-kWh battery that should lead to such autonomy.

Tesla could have a very serious contender in 2018 as the Model 3, which is already available to order, will not be delivered within two years. Clearly, customers have to be patient but recent Nissan advertisements on the subject of electric may well make them very highly thought. At a previous conference, Carlos Ghosn had already explained that the 500 km of autonomy for the future of electrical generation were possible, and according to the latest information gathered by Autocar, Nissan seems to want to approach this bar for new Leaf.

Nissan has not confirmed the matter directly to the Leaf but simply announced that the second generation of electric approaching 500 km from 2018, the launch date of the new Leaf. Nissan may, however, opt for a format to Tesla with different levels of autonomy and therefore several price levels.

If Nissan can maintain a Leaf with 500 km range (almost) under € 40,000, then it could be very difficult to Tesla and Model 3, which plays in the same league but has a little over 300 km offer.

Future Nissan Leaf 550 km of autonomy

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