Future Honda NSX Type R

Future Honda NSX Type R

The original NSX Type-R and later NSX-R were the ultimate versions of Honda’s mid-engined supercar. So with the new NSX now upon us, speculation has naturally turned to whether or not it’ll spawn a Type R or other hardcore variant. Speaking to NSX Dynamic Development Leader Nick Robinson at the car’s international launch this week, it certainly seems likely.

The whole hybrid ethos runs to the NSX’s core, as Robinson explains. “It’s not like we made a standard car and then added that sport hybrid system with torque vectoring. We integrated [the hybrid system] very early in the project, so the chassis was developed around the potential for that torque vectoring.”

The hypothetical Acura NSX variants lists doesn’t just end there, however. Klaus also hinted at the possibility of a “non-electrified” version that, we assume, would adopt the gasoline engine/rear-wheel-drive combo that the GT3 racing car employs.

Add in the fact that Klaus didn’t explicitly state that an NSX convertible isn’t in the cards and you’re left with the very tantalizing situation where Acura seems to be in the position of developing an NSX variant to suit everyone’s powertrain and driving experience preferences. Whether or not they all see the light of day is another matter entirely, but there’s no denying the future looks incredibly bright for the Acura NSX at the moment.

The company has not yet publicly disclosed a time-frame for expanding the NSX family. The projects, if confirmed, are presumably a few years away from production, as the current model is just starting its first year of availability.

Future Honda NSX Type R

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