Future BMW Z5 rolls in Sweden

Future BMW Z5 rolls in Sweden

Finally, under the hood, so to speak. Because the first thing that jumps out is the soft top. As BMWBLOG precise, who put their hands on these photos, this painting could be a temporary solution while the hardtop is being designed, but you never know.

Another surprise is that a roadster is tested on snow. But it may well be that the xDrive, which is proven on many other vehicles in the Munich firm, makes its appearance on the BMW Z5. A first !

obviously we notice the soft top to replace the hard top of the current Z4. A choice made to save weight, low center of gravity and regain some levity in the pencil stroke of the back. Especially with such a configuration, the Z4 can easily be transformed into cut. This version of the Z4 coupe, if it were to emerge, would be called Z5.

Under the hood, the future BMW Z4 / Z5 and Toyota Supra share of 4 cylinders and 6 cylinders in line direct from Munich. Of course, these are the rear wheels to be driving.

Future BMW Z5 rolls in Sweden

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