Future Audi A5 Sportback walks in India

Future Audi A5 Sportback walks in India

The firm Ingolstadt checks on the spot the vehicle’s response on several surfaces and different weather conditions. The prototype of the picture seem to benefit an S Line package. A dual exhaust, towering rims five branches and downs of cash are stretched to the program. Its interior will carry advanced inducted by the A4 fifth name. The driver will face a 100% digital instrumentation Virtual Cockpit. The equipment list will also include a head-up display, infotainment system MMI-art, adaptive cruise control and a predictive mode driving (semi-autonomous).

Its hood will house TFSI petrol engines and TDI diesel sedan inherited from the previously cited. His presentation will take place a few months after the coupe to be held for recall on June 2 at the headquarters in Germany.

Meanwhile the official lifted the veil of the Audi A5 Sportback, which will take place end of 2016, here is a photo of a cross-development prototype in India near Mumbai. The model will benefit from the changes made by the latest generation of the A4 sedan.

A spy of the Indian publication Rushlane immortalized on the road near Mumbai in India a car operated by Audi for road tests of the new version of the A5 Sportback. Its lines are unsurprisingly carefully hidden by camouflage.

Future Audi A5 Sportback walks in India

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