Four wheel drive for Renault Mégane R.S.

Four wheel drive for Renault Mégane R.S

Many details are not available at this time, but Renault is known by little more. Today, the French reported that the Mégane R.S. Is equipped with four wheel steering. This is also called the “4Control” by the brand.

As with the previous generation Mégane R.S. Renault offers two undercarriage options: Sport and Cup. The sports frame is suitable for daily use and offers plenty of comfort in addition to sporty driving characteristics. If you regularly run the circuit with your car, you can go for the Cup option. Furthermore, Renault announces that the R.S. Available with optional gearbox and automatic transmission.

The Mégane remains in spite of an estimated capacity of 300pk (over the drive there are no details yet) apply to front-wheel drive. But you can choose the 4Control four-wheel control system. Renault promises that at high speeds, stability improves and at low speeds for greater maneuverability.

Perhaps Renault drops all summer with new details. The Mégane RS is completely out of the clothes until September 12th, but there is already a leaked picture on which you can sap you on a backside without camouflage.

Four wheel drive for Renault Mégane R.S

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