Ford: Mustang and Transit move to hybrid


At the shelves of rechargeable hybrids, Ford will install the Plug-in technology on its lightweight Transit utility. A vehicle that will be launched in Europe in 2019 and will have to meet the new antipollution requirements of mainland metropolises.

Concerning the Ford Model E, which will probably be available in hybrid and classic hybrid versions, the future competitor of the Hyundai IONIQ and Toyota Prius will finally be produced on American soil, a good initiative for Ford at the same time that the future President Trump has just pointed Finger production in Mexico of Chevrolet models by General Motors. The electric car was not forgotten with the launch in 2020 of a SUV with a range of 450 km on a single charge.

The last vehicle that catches our attention in this 2017 cuvée is the one that Ford describes as an “autonomous vehicle of great volume” that was conceived for the services of “car-sharing”. In the absence of details on this gear, which is scheduled to land by 2021, one can imagine that it will be a minibus or large van that could participate in the autonomous car-sharing programs imagined by Uber or Lyft . It could also be a model comparable to that already circulating in Lyon. As a reminder, the technology is now tested on Ford Focus.

For the development of its own cars, Ford plans to invest $ 700 million to upgrade its Flat Rock plant. In addition to luxury vehicles, it will become the reference plant for vehicles that the manufacturer calls “technological”. Nice announcements, in short: we hope to see a little more in the fairways of Las Vegas!


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