Ford Mustang 2018

Ford Mustang 2018

This is the prospectus of the Mustang 2018 which ended up on the internet while Ford had not yet revealed the technical characteristics of this model. One learns in particular that the car will make a great technological leap notably with an automatic transmission that will count 10 speeds (!).

Without hesitation the designer explained that a source of inspiration had been drawn from the side of Star Wars and, more concretely, from the mask of the famous villain Dark Vader.

According to Melvin Betancourt, it is precisely “the angular contours” of the mask of the dark hero that, for example, dictated the style surrounding the fog lamps.

The mechanical offer now only concerns the 2.3 liters EcoBoost and the 5.0 liter V8. However, Ford has not released any figures to date, but both units will have more power with lower fuel consumption levels.

Finally, the Stang will be fitted with keyless entry and start, LED lights and a six-speed manual transmission (non-exhaustive list).

The Ford Mustang will soon be joined by the supersport versions GT350 and GT500.

Ford Mustang 2018

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