the Ford Mustang in 2015

Ford Mustang in Australia

The Mustang is the only sports car to have surpassed the 100,000 units sold last year. The brand’s icon is now available in 140 countries, and sales are doing very well because in Australia, the demand is so high that the stocks are exhausted until 2017. Ford has decided to add 2 000 copies more to try to fill the demand.

In Canada, the Mustang dethroned annually Chevrolet Camaro sales charts since 1985. The Americans, meanwhile, prefer to the Camaro and Dodge Challenger in this world.

A remarkable achievement when you consider that no other competitor sport has surpassed the 100,000 sales bar in the year, and even more exceptional than the Mustang was available only in limited quantities in many of the 140 countries on which it was offered for sale (including China and Great Britain).

Available since last summer on the old continent, the Mustang has already passed it to 16 600 copies, and even recorded in Germany according to the German Federal Motor Transport Authority, the best selling sports model in March.

A performance that American sport has also also made by France Auxiliary Motor (always for the month of March alone), a market in which 339 customers have already purchased a Mustang model in 2016.

In its first three months on sale in Australia, Mustang ranks as the best-selling sports coupe. Demand is so strong, the pony car was initially sold out through 2017, but an additional 2,000 Mustangs are slated to ship Down Under by the end of this year.

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