Ford GT will finally 647 horsepower

Ford GT will finally 647 horsepower

The Ford GT would have been timed on the Canadian circuit of Calabogie Motorsports Park at 2’09 “80, against 2’10” 88 for the McLaren 675 LT and 2’12 “90 for the Ferrari 458 Speciale. The 488 GTB could have signed as a clock on the same circuit.

Even though the first two years of production have already been sold, Ford is only now unveiling the exact power of its beautiful GT. And thanks to a limited weight, the performances are spectacular with particularly 347 km / h peak.

But that does not prevent the Ford GT to be faster in peak speed: 347 km / h against “only” 330 km / h for its rivals. Its weight limited to 1,385 horsepower allows it to display a very good weight / power ratio and better times on track according to Ford.

The V6 biturbo 3.5l that equips the Ford GT therefore develops 647 horsepower for a torque of 746 Nm. This could appear to be slightly lower than its designated rivals, Ferrari 488 GTB (670 hp) and McLaren 675LT (675 hp).

Ford GT will finally 647 horsepower

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