Ford GT production will be doubled

Ford GT production will be doubled

Ford announced it would extend by two years the production of its GT. If the news is quite good, it will not prevent the manufacturer to choose its customers.

If you dream to acquire in the near future the GT, the most exclusive and the most desirable current Ford, it may not be too late. Indeed, the manufacturer has announced he would produce this sporty two more years and reopen its beginning in 2018 backlog.

That 6,500 people have received a negative response to their request to purchase a Ford GT rest assured, the manufacturer plans to produce 500 additional copies for two years in order to meet the strong solicitation on the part of fans of the supercar . This third service will nevertheless reserved for those who have been placed on a waiting list. Those that Ford would have replied in the negative final will wait for the opening of the 2018 order book for hope to take their wheel of American sports. Good news that should ease tensions, some holding that the brand with the oval would have preferred the first stars and influencers of social networks at the expense of true enthusiasts car.

Parallel to this, Ford Performance confirmed its commitment in competition (IMSA and FIA WEC) for four years.

“Although we can not respond favorably to all our customers, we decided to build 500 additional vehicles to satisfy our most loyal ambassadors. “Said Dave Pericak, director of Ford Performance.

Ford GT production will be doubled

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