The Ford GT is a bicycle lab

The Ford GT is a bicycle lab

“When we started to work on a brand new Ford GT in 2013, we pursued three goals,” said Raj Nair, Ford Motor Company’s chief technical officer and executive vice president for product development.

“The first was to use a new car as a training ground for our designers who develop technologies for the engines of the future and deepen our knowledge of aerodynamics. We also wanted to shift the boundaries of using advanced materials such as light carbon fiber. Last but not least, we wanted to win the 24 Hour Le Mans race, which is perceived as an uncompromising and brutal test of resilience and efficiency. “

An interesting feature of the Ford GT is a hydraulic chassis that changes the altitude according to the set driving mode. And that’s really great.

The chassis will decrease when going from Normal mode to Circuit Track with a noticeable 50 millimeters. Additionally, the Track mode extends the rear wing and closes the channels in the bow to ensure optimal downward pressure on the circuit.
Changing the altitude of the GT also changes the cushioning stiffness, the characteristics of the shock absorbers and the active aerodynamics. Ford claims that there are two different cars in one body.

The Ford GT is a bicycle lab

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