Ford Fusion being investigated in the United States


The investigation process would have begun on 20 December. Everything leads one to believe that the result is the request for a recall, which must be done by the automaker to have these models fixed. But this should only happen if the problem is confirmed serially.

Investigations are still ongoing and if the defect is confirmed, Ford will be required to call a recall to correct the flaw. The problem should affect units produced from 2009 to 2011.

In a statement, Ford has said it is contributing to the investigations. Confirmed the failure, the expectation is that the call is also triggered in other countries where the sedan was sold, including Brazil.

According to information from the agency, the ABS of some units may stop working if the car travels along unpaved surfaces so that it becomes inoperative, causing braking difficulties and consequent risk of accidents. Some owners have even reported that the pedal “softens and sinks to the ground”.


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