Ford Fusion Investigated for ABS Problems


Ford is facing an investigation following a complaint by the country’s top road safety regulator NHTSA about problems in the abs in the Fusion sedan produced between 2009 and 2011.

Thus, the system Ford calls “virtual driver” consists of: sensors LIDAR, cameras and radar; Algorithms for locating and selecting routes; Computer vision with learning ability; 3D high definition maps; And high-capacity software to work the sheer amount of data that all those systems provide: about 1 terabyte per hour!

Current cars took to the streets of California in 2016 for testing. Ford has also tested its stand-alone cars at the University of Michigan.

One of the most popular models for sale in the US, the Ford Fusion has gone through other recalls, such as the 2006-2011 units with problems in the airbags produced by Takata – which hit other automakers. In 2010 and 2011, Fusion and Mercury Milan had another call because of the possibility of the fuel tank cracking.


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