Five icons of American driving the Ford Mustang

Five icons of American driving the Ford Mustang

Many followers will probably prefer the GT350 or the GT350R. But these are more exclusive (engine 5.2 liters) and more expensive. It should be noted that these will also be subject to an upgrade next year.

Of the three survivors of the muscle cars era, Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Challenger and Mustang, it remains the most homogeneous proposal of all in its basic configurations (V6). We are more body with it than with a Challenger, we see better than in a Camaro. In a word, from the group, she is the one who gives the most confidence from the first turn of the wheel.

These innovations alone will likely prompt many amateurs to push back their purchase rather than the 2017 model currently on sale. Many, but not all. Without wishing to assume anything – the 2018 model prices have not yet been disclosed – there is reason to believe that the entry price of the “new” model will be increased by several hundred dollars due to the abandonment of the 3.7-liter V6. The latter, far from being very expressive, offers honest services and befits rather well at the Mustang.

In the eyes of purists, the 5-liter V8 is the only engine that deserves to slip under the hood of this American thoroughbred.

It must be said that it shows solid performance, that its escapements leave a stentor voice and that it fits very well with the manual gearbox, whose guidance and precision are astonishing given the generosity of the couple.

Five icons of American driving the Ford Mustang

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