first production units of the Ford GT left the Canadian Plant


The day arrived and the first Ford GT of a total of 250 left the plant of Markham, Ontario, Canada, where they are manufactured of artisan way. There were 10,800 orders placed but only 250 will be the ones who paid and approximately 400,000 dollars.

The Ford GT is built in a handmade way and although the oval mark had planned to produce the GT for only two years announced that given the success the production of the GT will be extended by two more years until 2020, so that will build 1,000 units .

While preparing the output of the new sports car the Ford Performance team put on track the GT competing in the Rolex 24 competition in Daytona Florida and in the 24 hours of Le Mans in France where the car number 68 prepared by the team Chip Ganassi Racing won the LM GTE Pro category.

Back in January of 2015 Ford unveiled the second generation of the Ford GT, a supercar that is based on new aerodynamic and high performance technologies, including a carbon fiber body and a V6 EcoBoost engine that delivers more Of 600 cv.


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