First look the new Toyota C-HR

First look the new Toyota C-HR

The Toyota C-HR crossover is bound to win fans when it launches by virtue of its striking exterior design, which melds coupe and 4×4 styling together. Now though, Toyota has revealed the interior of the C-HR, showing it off to potential buyers ahead of the car’s debut later in 2016.

Unlike the striking exterior, the C-HR sticks with Toyota convention – ditching the futuristic cabin of the Prius for a more traditional interior. The C-HR has standard dials and gauges with just a small display screen between them – and they’re behind the steering wheel, rather than mounted high on the dash as in the Prius. The only real nod to the C-HR’s hybrid powertrain is the replacement of a rev counter with an ‘eco’-meter.

The C-HR has a mounted eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system that features a redesigned user interface along with Toyota’s Multi-Media ’16 navigation platform. The sound is pumped by an eight-channel 576 watt stereo amplifier coupled to a nine-speaker JBL sound system. And because the touch-screen is a free-floating unit and is not enclosed within the dashboard, the upper portion is considerably lower in depth, further enhancing driver visibility.

Toyota has concentrated on giving the cabin a quality feel, limiting materials to just three finishes – a leather-like grain to ‘background surfaces’, a smoother Nappa feel to parts you’re likely to touch, and a ‘technical grain’ for switches and minor functions.

It should reduce the plastic-fantastic ambience we’ve seen in Toyotas in the past. Three colour schemes – dark grey, black/blue and black/brown will be available depending on the trim level.

First look the new Toyota C-HR 1

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