Fiat and Google present self-propelled car


Now Waymo Inc. boss John Krafcik revealed autonomous Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid with the new name. The car features the latest hardware and software developed by the company, including improved sensors, a new computer and several “important system updates” allowing the hybrid MPV may be called a “fully self-propelled” vehicle.

Google Fiat and Chrysler to work together, since May this year. After the official announcement are engineers from Google and the car company into a new facility drawn in Novi, located in Michigan. Technicians are set to work to develop a new test vehicle. These Pacifica Hybrid which was packed with sensors, computers, telematics and other electronic systems.

According to the CEO of Waymo the cars already made several test runs, including 200 hours in heavy weather. The tests took place in California, Michigan and Arizona. In California and Arizona Google already driving around with his other self-propelled vehicles. The company did so with several cars of the Lexus brand and the iconic self-built ‘golf carts’. In which states presented today Fiat Chrysler Pacifica is driving around, the company has not yet disclosed.


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