The Fiat Cronos was unveiled in Brazil

The Fiat Cronos was unveiled in Brazil

The Cronos shows the best of Fiat’s design, with the “wrap around” concept, which adds modernity and fluidity, where the high waist line shows the dynamism of the new model. The bonnet with two well-marked ribs is not only longer than the Argo, but also higher, giving an impression of robustness.

The optics are the same as the Argo, the honeycomb grill, is completely new with a glossy black finish traversed by a chrome-plated baguette. The bumper was completely redesigned with a chrome line that runs throughout the lower part giving a look of distinction to the entire front. It houses two depth lights that are farther apart than the hatchback.

It is known that Cronos will use the same mechanics as the Argo. That is to say, the propulsion engines Firefly 1.3 with cover of 8 valves and 99 CV and the E.torQ 1.8 (16 valves) of 130 horses: there will be option of manual box of five speeds and automatic Aisin, of six marches.

Interestingly, Fiat did not disclose details about the cargo volume of the trunk, or the distance between axles that the model will have. With the launch planned for the first quarter of 2018, the Fiat Cronos comes to dispute the second largest segment of automobiles in Brazil and that, in 2017 alone, it will have to absorb close to 330 thousand vehicles. In Argentina, this segment represents almost 100 thousand cars a year and is disputed by no less than 13 models of different brands.

The Fiat Cronos was unveiled in Brazil

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