Fiat Chrysler Automobiles unveils new concept vehicle


Fiat Chrysler unveiled a new minivan concept designed specifically for millennials at the Consumer Electronics Show on Tuesday.

The vehicle, shown at FCA’s very first CES press conference, is meant to appeal to tech-savvy millennials looking to start a family.

“The use of a mono-volume form combined with a battery-electric powertrain opens up a fresh look at seating and storage flexibility. The concept of a ‘third space’ offers passengers an interior space that is clean, modern and uses a colour palette that welcomes the passengers inside.”

Technology in the Portal gives it “facial recognition and voice biometrics” to recognise passengers as well, to accommodate various user preferences in the car

Passengers can share music, videos and more with each other in the car too, and it even enhances the sound of incoming emergency vehicles to warn the driver to get out of the way, amongst a raft of other features.


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